IT Managed Services

"A Managed Service Provider, (MSP), provides a delivery and management of networked based services, support services and applications to businesses, residences and other IT professionals. For more information read the article; "Top Five Benefits of a MSP".

This philosophy secures your investment in technology providing peace of mind with, TecSecure. TecSecure comes in three packages coupled with three distinct Service Level Agreements, providing flexibility for businesses with varieties of infrastructure and their demands on it.

Hardware Design & Consultation - Vendor Management

RawTec provides unbiased consulting services and advice. We understand choosing the right equipment for your business needs is not always straight forward. As independent network consultants, we have relationships with many industry leading vendors however we are not committed to any of them.

We are committed to you and we will use all of our buying power in giving you piece of mind that you will never overpay for anything and you will get the maximum ROI. We will also assist in setting up your relationships with the hardware vendors you choose.

Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Wireless Mobile

Mobile Connectivity

In today’s world, being connected on the road is a must. Let us show you how to stay connected while you are away from the office. We offer mobility solutions for Blackberry, Windows Mobile, iPhone and more.

Network & Server Design and Implementation

As one of the first designated Microsoft Small Business Specialists years ago, we have demonstrated the unique ability to bring powerful corporate solutions to small and medium size companies in a cost efficient manner; time after time and project after project. From design, to installation and implementation, training and ongoing managed services we are truly your one stop shop for Microsoft technologies.

Website Development & Graphic Design

RawTec understands the importance of an effective, easy to use and impressive website. Our superior web developers are more than qualified to design and implement the website of your dreams. Whether you are in need of a new website, or a redesign of an old website, RawTec is your graphics and web solutions specialist.

Site Cabling & Planning

Cabling remains a critical network component which contributes to over 50% of networking problems. RawTec will help you select the appropriate cables, wall mounts, and patch panel for your network architecture. We will cable your facility efficiently and in compliance with cabling standards. Our expertise includes Category 5E and 6, Installation Testing and Labeling, Cable Removal, IP, Voice Video and Data Telephony.

Remote Office and Telecommuting Solutions

Cut the costs of growing office space, gas prices, wasted time on the road and give your employees the ability to connect to company resources whenever, and more importantly, wherever needed.

Virtual Private Network

We can implement a variety of solutions specific to your needs. Whether you need two or more offices connected or employee working from home, our dedicated VPN solutions offer both security and flexibility.

Data Destruction

What do you do with the data on your old computer before you sell it, trash it or give it away? Formatting the hard drive or using third party hard drive removal software will not get rid of the data on the drive. To ensure your safety and the safety of your personnel you must do something.

There is only one way to ensure your data is perfectly safe: DESTROY IT !

Telephony & VOIP

Telephony and VOIP Solutions with Star2Star Communications

RawTec is a provider of Star2Star VOIP Phone System. Star2Star VOIP PBX is a well architected Business Grade Internet Phone solution that will bring back together the disparate world of remote or traveling employees. They can use a Star2Star Phone, Traditional Phone or PC soft phone (from their laptop) to make and receive calls as part of the phone system. They can be included in ring groups, queues, transfers etc. If you have more than one office you can tie them all together using Star2Star. Calls not answered at one location can be automatically routed to another location. You can share ring groups, queues and transfers between all your locations.

Cloud Services

“Stay Productive...Stay Connected”

 Looking for ways to operate more efficiently with cost effective solutions?

Clouds Services for your business may be an option. RawTec specializes in understanding business processes and how cloud services can help bring huge productivity returns that work financially within budget constraints. Call one of our professionals today and see if a cloud solution is the right fit for your business.

Sharepoint & Application Development

RawTec is proud to be have a SharePoint developer on staff, we design, implement and maintain SharePoint technologies from SharePoint Services to Enterprise Portal.

We have implemented solutions for companies with as few as two users and corporations with over 1000 users. If you are looking for an effective way to share and manage loads of business data across your organization, then Microsoft SharePoint is the answer to all your requirements. SharePoint will help you manage your business in the least possible amount of time. It helps project teams effectively gain access to information and collaborate with each other. It is fully customizable to meet your business needs, so think about implementing it within your organization now.

Help Desk

Much of a companies lost costs related to IT is from the lack of productivity of an employee. The number one reason for this is computer or software issues and lack of knowledge.

The quickest fix for this is timely and accurate user support. We provide a complete virtual help desk with total control, even the ability to reboot into safe mode remotely. At any time we are one click away. No issue will be unresolved.

Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions

The most critical IT process on your server, computer and/or network is the data backup, verification and storage. We offer the following solutions.

Onsite Backup to Network Storage Device

Whether we use a rotation of USB drives, external RAID device or a network area storage device (NAS) we will provide daily, hourly or even every 15 minute backups.

Web & Email Hosting

RawTec provides several solutions for web hosting ranging from inexpensive do-it-yourself hosting and domain registration, to fully managed and monitored hosting plans. We have a graphic artist and web design team and feature web design using the most current web design tools for those looking to add something special to their web presence.

IT Staffing Solutions

"Supplement your IT staff. Provide a short term fix. Assist with a long term project. Keep costs low and flexible."

These were requests from clients that needed the onsite expertise of an IT professional but for whatever reason a full time hire was not an option. We listened.

We will provide that "part-time" employee customized with what expertise you need. Offering Level 1 through 3 technicians, we feel safe knowing we have the right team member for your team.

Network Documentation Services

Network Documentation can be defined as the blueprint of your business and the systems that run it. It is like an organization chart for your network. It is a diagram of how a network is configured; how the applications and hardware work together.