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Do you want a quick and easy way to draw up your hockey lines and be able to share it with your coaches and team?

There is now an app that you can do this on your mobile device!
Make your lines anywhere with no more pen and paper and share.

Suggest a hockey lineup for your team. Use this handy tool to create a Roster Card and your Lineup Card for your team and SHARE it with your coaches and team members.
Use it to:
  • Suggest starting lineups for your team
  • Save your roster and lineup to your photo album
  • Share your roster and lineup via message, email
  • Print your roster and lineup
Enter your hockey team name and player information into the app.
Create your team line-up by selecting team members from the drop downs on line-up page.
Click 'Print My Line-Up' to print your teams line-up to any available printer.
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Home Screen Team Line-up Enter your players View of your Roster Print View of Roster Print View of Line-up