IT Managed Services

Managed Services

TecSecure What are IT Managed Services?

"A Managed Service Provider, MSP provides a delivery and management of networked based services, support services and applications to businesses, residences and other IT professionals. For more of it we urge you to read the article; "Top Five Benefits of a MSP".

This philosophy secures your investment in technology providing peace of mind with, TecSecure. TecSecure comes in three packages coupled with three distinct Service Level Agreements, providing flexibility for businesses with varieties of infrastructure and their demands on it.

TecSecureHow do we do it?

RawTec installs a TecSecure agent on your computer or server. Once this checks in with our servers (30-60 seconds), we then start to receive forensic data about the health and status of your network. The agent will report issues such as disk space, missing updates, memory issues, application issues, etc. We will also be able to perform essential tasks and intervene when needed before an issue becomes critical, minimizing downtime and increasing productivity.


We have proven time and time again how TecSecure will provide business owners with a competitive edge over their competition by increased productivity and sales.

Having this tool installed also allows us to provide your anti-virus and backup software as a service which means it is all included with our top two packages.


Unlimited remote and onsite support plans, timely remote support, employee help desk, advanced ticket tracking, owner portal page for reviewing tickets, monthly reports, yearly meetings, budget management and other features make TecSecure truly a unique offering in the SMB MSP market place. Call today for a free consultation.

Top 5 Benefits to Using a Managed Service Provider

  1. You acquire skilled knowledge from a specialist
  2. You have access to the most sophisticated technology
  3. You lower your risks
  4. You reduce the pressure on staff
  5. You will retain ultimate control

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